A Poem to Leonor

Some times it is easier to say things in poetry or in writing then it is at other times. This is a poem to the love of my life, the mother of our daughter, the woman that completes me, my partner in crime and the one who is...
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My Niche Search Engine Solo Ad Sales.

solo ad marketing
Serving many markets with a guaranteed over delivery of 12%.. Our solo ad lists are very active, opt-in, well maintained and not over saturated! new subscribers are added daily! BEST VALUE FOR MAXIMUM EXPOSURE!
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My 15 seconds of fame in the Philippines!

golden wedding anniversary in cebu
Ok … so everyone else is laughing. I figure you folks may as well enjoy it too. Yes this really did happen to my wife and I. This was not staged or scripted in any way and yes I did manage to embarrass myself in front of my...
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Lionel on Linkedin.com

Linkedin logo image
Well no professional social media profile would be complete without having something on linkedin.com. Far be it for me to miss yet another opportunity for fame on the web. :). This is the site I use for professional networking! LIONEL”S PROFILE ON LINKEDIN.COM You may find me on...
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