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Garage: Yikes Too much stuff!

OK Folks… I closed up and sold 2 cottages and emptied out an apartment in Brampton. My garage is full to the rafters. As you can plainly see … THIS IS NUTS! I am afraid the inside of my place is in not much better shape…. Sooooo Its...
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My 15 seconds of fame in the Philippines!

golden wedding anniversary in cebu
Ok … so everyone else is laughing. I figure you folks may as well enjoy it too. Yes this really did happen to my wife and I. This was not staged or scripted in any way and yes I did manage to embarrass myself in front of my...
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Typhoon Yolanda Vs. the Poizner / Abad Family

Typhoon Yolanda - A photo of Leonor and her sisters getting ready to deliver the relief goods
Typhoon Yolanda struck the Philippines and once again I was reminded just how special my wife really is. You know meeting Leonor was truly the best thing that ever happened to me and as much as I already was aware of it at the time, I find I...
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