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My Wonderful Grandfather

Mark A Levy

Mark A Levy

Mark A. Levy

I was online doing some surfing the other day and I decided to Google the name of my grandfather (mom moms dad). To my astonishment nothing came up. I could not believe it and I felt it absolutely necessary to correct that right away.

I do not know about you but for me there are some people in my past that had a huge impact on me as I grew up. Probably one of the most important in my life was my grandfather Mark Levy.

My grandpa was an exceptional man and I was the luckiest of all the grand children because being the oldest (first grand child) I had the most time with him. As it happened I was also his first grand son too. Did I get spoiled as a result… YES I sure did.

My grandpa spent a lot of time with me. He too me to shows and parks. He taught me how to play chess and we would play for hours at a time.

We went for long walks together up at the cottage and they often included a visit to the local toy store in Keswick Ontario.

The thing about my grandfather that made him so special is not so much what he bought me as it was what he taught me. He showed me what it was to be a loving and caring husband to my grandmother. He taught me what it meant to be a philanthropist and a supporter of the community. He taught me about being charitable and how good it felt to be able to help other people.

Probably the most important thing that he tought me though was how much he loved me and I miss him so much every minute of every day. You just do not appreciate the very special things that you have until you loose them!

I am going to be coming back to this post many times over the next few months. I need to gather more photos and I will include more stories and more history on my grandfather but at least for now I can say he exists online and not just in the hearts of his family.

I love you gramps!

Your Lion!