My Wonderful Grandfather

Mark A Levy
Mark A. Levy I was online doing some surfing the other day and I decided to Google the name of my grandfather (mom moms dad). To my astonishment nothing came up. I could not believe it and I felt it absolutely necessary to correct that right away. I do not...
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The Malc Sheli

The Malc Sheli image
This was indeed a very sad day! It was time to say goodbye to the Malc Sheli. It was moving on to its next journey under the guidance of its new captain. May she have a safe and fun journey  always! [wppa type=”slide” album=”1″ align=”center”][/wppa]the time has come...
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I May Never See Tomorrow

happened across this poem some time ago and it really spoke to me. I may never see tomorrow There’s no written guarantee And things that happened yesterday Belong to history I cannot predict the future I cannot change the past I have just the present moment I must...
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